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Lifestyle Plan

This plan gives you 2 meals per day for 7 days for only £25.20

Welcome to “My Diet Loss” and your Lifestyle Route to a slimmer, happier you. Whatever your reasons for wanting to lose weight, on your Lifestyle Route you will soon see results that will reduce your weight and improve not only your health but also the way you feel about yourself. Our Lifestyle Route will encourage a regular eating pattern and enables you to incorporate conventional foods into your diet. “My Diet Loss” does not rely on intensive weight loss programmes with heavy counselling, regular group meetings, or complicated menus to follow. You are in charge with great tasting products and simple plans to follow.

Become a Healthier, Slimmer, Happier You.

At a Glance

What you need to know about the Lifestyle Plan at a quick glance.

  • Ideal for busy mums.
  • No calorie counting.
  • The plan contains Everyday foods.
  • No special purchases of expensive ‘out the norm’ family shopping.
  • Not only will you learn to eat healthily it will be passed on to your children.
  • The amount in your shopping trolley will decrease as the weeks go on as you will realise that you don’t need all those extras like crisps, chocolate and those sugary treats.
  • Your whole family will become healthier as you will learn to eat healthier.
  • Feel healthier and fitter after just 10 days.

All you need during this plan is:-

  • 2 of “My Diet Loss” meal packs every day (You can change one of your Food packs for one Meal Replacement Bar from your second week onwards)   – any time, any flavour.
  • Do not feel tempted to have fewer; it will slow down weight loss!
  • 1 meal every day with choices from the food list
  • 3 snacks every day from the snack list spaced throughout your day.

On the Lifestyle plan you must drink:-

  • ½ pint of skimmed milk
  • 2 to 3 litres of still, sparkling, or soda water, not lemon or lime cordials

On the Lifestyle plan you can have:-

  • Unlimited coffee and tea (you can have herbal teas but not fruit teas)
  • Tablet sweeteners only (not powder)
  • “My Diet Loss” water flavourings. No diluting juices as these have acidity that can slow your weight loss.
  • Dried herbs and spices to add variety to your packs.
  • 2 small glasses of wine, red or white, or 2 measures of spirits with low calorie mixers per week
  • Sugar Free Gum (uncoated)
  • 20g of dark chocolate per week
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Important Information

Our products are scientifically developed by highly qualified nutritionists and are proven methods for weightloss. By reducing carbohydrates and ensuring your body gets all the quality protein, vitamins and minerals you need your body will use its fat stores.

This means you lose weight quickly whilst getting all the nutrients your body requires. You will feel great and the quick results will keep you motivated to achieve your own personal goals.

By using our packs in combination with healthy snacks and a comprehensive food list you will nourish your body whilst losing weight. You will also notice an immediate improvement in your general wellbeing as you consume all the nutrients that you need and not the refined and processed foods that are unhealthy and often leave you feeling lethargic.

Just follow the simple guidelines in your information leaflet you will receive with your first order. “My Diet Loss” is easy to understand, easy to follow and gives immediate results. Once you have achieved the weight loss target you have set yourself you can continue to use our products whenever you need to, to maintain that weight loss.

You must choose a meal from our food list and 3 snacks from our snack list as well as 2 “My Diet Loss” packs every day. By choosing any of the options to eat from our food and snack lists, you not only keep your metabolism working for you but you also learn good eating habits and portion control. Don’t skip any part of Lifestyle. You can choose to have your meal at any time of the day, breakfast, lunch or dinner and use your “My Diet Loss” packs at the other appropriate meal times. Space out your snacks between each meal.

We do advise you to have a check up with your GP before embarking on any weight loss plan.