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5:2 Plan for your Weight Loss

On this plan you do 5 days on the Lifestyle Plan and 2 days on the Dynamic Plan: 18 meals over 7 days for only £32.40 per week

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On this Plan you will be given both the Lifestlye Plan and the Dynamic Plan infomation. You will do 5 days on 2 Meal Packs per day, 3 snacks per day and One Meal per day. For example, on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday you do the Lifestlye Plan and, on Tuesday Wednesday you do the Dynamic Plan. Or you can chose whatever days you want to do the Dynamic Plan.

At a Glance

What you need to know about the 5:2 Plan at a quick glance.

  • In a nutshell the 5:2 Plan is a method of dieting and calorie control.
  • No fuss
  • No calorie counting or points counting – simple and straight forward weight loss with no fuss
  • Fast effective weight loss
  • One of the benefits of the 5:2 plan is that, unlike normal diets, you shouldn’t feel hungry every day.

What is the 5:2 Plan?

One of the benefits of the 5:2 Plan is that, unlike normal diets, you shouldn’t feel hungry every day. It also means that you can plan social occasions such as eating out and drinking on non Dynamic days, and not feel worried that you will be breaking your diet to the extreme and bring you out of ketosis.

This plan has been developed around research undertaken on ‘Alternate Days Fasting’

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Important Information


“The benefits of alternate fasting are currently unproven in humans, but have been observed in animals much more than human subjects. However, the benefits are thought to be as follows –

  • Weight loss
  • Improved lifespan
  • Improved bodily repair function
  • Better survival rate after major disease or trauma

Numerous studies have been done on alternate fasting. One of the most interesting involved mice which were studied for 20 weeks. They followed the diet, being allowed to eat as much as they liked on one day and were not fed the next day. The mice lived longer and it was also noted that their levels of glucose and insulin were lower than those of mice who followed a normal diet.

Another interesting aspect of the study was that another group of mice were also studied – these had their calorie intake reduced by 40% every single day. This group of mice also experienced similar health benefits – but these were improved upon by the mice following the alternate day fasting diet.

The results of the study seem to support the thinking that reduced calorie intake in any form is beneficial, although some forms are better than others.

The big question is – does alternate day fasting work in humans? This is currently unknown – there are a number of ongoing studies taking place which are looking into this, but these are long term studies, so results might not be available for a while.

One of the other benefits of alternate day fasting over normal diets is that, unlike normal diets, you won’t feel hungry every day – you will only feel hungry on fasting days.


“No medical downsides have yet been observed in alternate fasting, however many people who have tried to follow an alternate day fasting diet have struggled, because cutting calorie intake to a minimal level on fasting days can be quite tough psychologically due to the hunger involved. Some people have found it easier to adjust the diet and take in slightly more food on the fasting days, in the form of low calorie snacks and drinks, to keep hunger at bay”.


“Alternative fasting is becoming very popular and you should definitely give it a go if you are looking to try out a diet and other diets have failed for you. The method makes perfect sense when analysed in detail and although there are no large scale studies on alternate day fasting, the small ones that have been done look very promising indeed”.

Sources: http://www.alternatedayfasting.org

We do advise you to have a check up with your GP before embarking on any weight loss plan.