How it Works

Ketosis means that your body is burning fat rapidly because it is using your fat as its main source of energy. Your body initially uses up its energy reserves of glycogen before starting to burn fats from its fat stores. This normally begins after 3 – 4 days of starting. When the glycogen stores are used up, your body will then use its main energy source to burn your fat. When fat is burned rapidly the body produces a byproduct called “ketones” and the person is said to be in ketosis and your hunger will be suppressed. 

My Diet Loss is a meal replacement diet that gets results quickly*—we offer Plans that fit with your lifestyle because we know that every person has their own individual weight loss goals.

Our Plans work by replacing some or all of your meals with our  healthy options, which give you 100% of your daily nutritional needs.

You can choose from tasty ready meals, delicious shakes, nourishing soups and convenient  healthy  snacks. With the wide variety of food choices at My Diet Loss, you will still be able to  your meals while losing weight quickly* and effectively!

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Your body will function on similar principles to that of a car!

You would not consider going into a garage and putting diesel into a petrol vehicle, or petrol into a diesel vehicle.

If you did the vehicle would not function properly. Yet we will put the wrong things into our bodies. Keep in mind that your body is a working organism with food being the fuel that makes it function.

If you over indulge on the wrong foods your body will not function properly. You are left feeling lethargic and sluggish most, if not, all of the time. The principle is the same to that of putting the wrong fuel into any vehicle, so why do we do it? Habit? Stress? Low self esteem?

Well, let’s just break through that cycle of bad eating habits as we will encourage you to nourish your body whilst losing weight the “My Diet Loss” way.

Our Plans – Simple & Easy to Follow

Our plans are easy to follow and they encourage your body to burn fat helping the weight to drop off quickly. Each plan can be adapted to suit your lifestyle.

Simply replace all or some of your daily meals with My Diet Loss weight loss products. Our meal replacement plans provide 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals resulting in a fast healthy weight loss.

There are many ways to enjoy our plan depending on your lifestyle:

Our great tasting Meal Replacement Packs are scientifically developed by highly qualified nutritionists with over 90 years experience and, are proven methods for weight loss.

Our tasty, Meal Replacement Packs come in a range of varieties and are simple and easy to prepare. We pride ourselves in our great tasting and high quality products. Our developers are regularly updating our varieties of Dinners, Shakes and Soups.

My Diet Loss is a weight loss/management program for men and women aged between 16 and 75 who have a body mass index (BMI) of 19 or over; one stone or more overweight.   By using our BMI calculator you will be able to see which plan will suit you best.

Why it Works

By reducing carbohydrates and ensuring your body gets all the quality protein, vitamins and minerals you need your body will use its fat stores. This means you lose weight healthy and quickly whilst getting all the nutrients your body requires.

You will feel great and the quick results will keep you motivated to achieve your own personal goals.

By using our meal replacement packs in combination with healthy snacks and our comprehensive food list, you will nourish your body whilst losing weight.

You will also notice an immediate improvement in your general well being as you consume all the nutrients that your body needs whilst cutting out the refined and processed foods that are unhealthy and often leave you feeling lethargic.

Just follow the simple guidelines in the information booklet you will receive when you place your order or visit your distributor. “My Diet Loss” is easy to understand, easy to follow and gives immediate weight loss results. Once you have achieved the weight loss target you have set yourself you can continue to use our products whenever you need to maintain that weight Loss.

There are many ways to enjoy our plan depending on your lifestyle:

Unlike other weight loss companies, you’ll get inspiration from someone who’s been in your shoes and encouragement from clients and customers just like you.!!! Forget about sitting around and listening, you’ll be listened to and supported as often as you need. Weight control means exactly what it sounds like it means… being in control of your weight. This is really your ultimate goal!

The general ability to control your weight allows you to make these things happen.

So, just how do you become in control of your weight and your weight loss? The obvious answer is by controlling your diet. But that answer only leads to another question. Just how does a person control their diet?

Whether it is counting calories or staying away from carbohydrates the My Diet Loss weight loss plan gives you the opportunity to chat to others who have, or are, struggling with losing weight. This can be in store or with our customer services support team who will be with you 24/7 to assist you on your way.