Total Weight Lost: 13 Stones

Stevie’s Success Story

For years I had been telling myself that it didn’t matter that I was overweight. I was still the same person inside regardless of my size. I was a good person! But secretly, it was such a “heavy” load. Making jokes about my size which made others uncomfortable, all to convince myself that I was fine the way I was. That is just a little bit of the emotional side of obesity. Then there are the physical restrictions; being out of breath, not being able to walk very far at one time, worries about heart troubles, aching knees, back, feet and hips, etc. I was not “alright” the way I was! Yes, I was a good person and had lots to be happy about. However, there was so much more to me that seemed to want to hide and not share and shine.

What My Diet Loss did for me was bring my life back. It’s given me confidence.

I found My Diet Loss through a friend and she introduced me to it when she began her diet and each time I saw her, it was amazing to me, she seemed to be melting away. Finally after watching her for 6 months, I decided to change my life. I first came to My Diet Loss looking for guidance to help in my struggle to lose weight. I received much more. Not only did I lose weight, I have confidence and my self-esteem has risen much more than I expected. The motivation given to me by the consultants was (and is) a true blessing. I saw that the understanding was true and the concern to help me with my goals. The changes within me are not only to my benefit, but to those in my life who mean the most to me, my family. Thank you so much.

Although I am not yet at my goal weight, I have lost over 13 stone but more than the “loss”, it is what I have “gained” that I am happier about. If this plan wasn’t so easy I know I would never have stuck to it. Thank you to My Diet Loss and thank you Nancy and Helen for sharing it with me! I plan to be around for many years enjoying my kids and grandkids and life!!!!

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