Total Weight Lost: 5 Stone 1 Pound

Sandra’s Success Story

I tried every diet you can imagine, lost the weight and put it back on numerous times. I chose My Diet Loss as I saw the shop in my local town and knew the consultants. My Diet Loss has been a life changing experience for me and I thank the consultants every day for supporting me through my journey. To date I have lost over 5 stone.

I chose this diet as I was attending hospital and awaiting IVF treatment. I was informed by the consultant at the hospital that before they would let me receive IVF I had to get my BMI down to 30.

My Diet Loss has allowed this to happen in such a short space of time and I have never felt so healthy and happy. My IVF will start soon and I now feel so positive about the future.

Since I started My Diet Loss I have noticed how healthy I feel and how much my skin has improved. I have a lot more energy, sleep better and feel more confident. I just love receiving the compliments I get now!!!! The main overall improvement now is that I had suffered from IBS for years, this does not bother me at all now and I now take no medication to control this. It is just fabulous.

My Diet Loss products are so tasty and filling and I love the wide variety that you can choose from. It makes it easy for me to stay committed. My shopping bills have dwindled to about half of what I used to spend, because all I’m buying is a pack of, chicken breasts, fish or steaks, some fresh veggies, lettuce and salad.

One area where it has cost me a bit is in my complete new wardrobe. However, I can live with that!! I went from a size 24-22 to a size 14-16. That’s a problem I can live with and the bonus is there is no better feeling than going into any regular shop in the high street knowing that whatever your shopping for you will be able to get something that fits.

Everything the consultant said and explained to me on my first visit has come true. I’m healthy, vibrant, passionate, and excited about life again! I love being able to shop anywhere rather than being tied to ordering XXXL clothes online and being ashamed to walk into Next where I know I would never get anything that fitted.

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