Total Weight Lost: 3 Stone 9 Pounds

Rita’s Success Story

I have been overweight since my early twenties and had just about given up the idea of being able to lose any of it. I had tried Weight Watchers numerous times; I would lose and then gain it all back and more.

I had tried different methods that worked for other people, not eating after 6 PM, 6 small meals a day, etc with no success. Even my Doctor was not able to offer much assistance.

Then, in April of 2013 my daughter told me about My Diet Loss and how easy it was. She has had great success with the Lifestyle Plan. The science behind it made sense. I am not going to say it was easy to change the habits I had, but I was determined to give it at least a couple of weeks. Well the first week I lost 8lbs. That’s right 8 lbs!! I was hooked.

I love the easiness of the food as you just add water; it’s as simple as that! I love the shakes and porridge is my favorite. I loved the idea that I could still have my crisps (My Diet Loss BBQ & Cheddar Crisps). They are my lifesavers in the evening. The bars are great for the times I am out and about on a weekend and it happens to be lunchtime. I have more energy than ever. I can keep up with my twin grandchildren now, who are typical 6 year-old boys. I have had lots of compliments and shopping for clothes is such a pleasure now.

Thank you to My Diet Loss and Nancy, who kicked me into touch when I floundered at times and when I needed it.

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