Total Weight Lost: 2 Stone 6 Pounds

Margo’s Success Story

I chose My Diet Loss because it seemed to be my answer to not having to think about what to make for dinners. I struggled with other diets because of the hours I work and trying to get meals organised was a major hassle. Also, a friend of mine had done this diet and I was impressed by the weight loss she had in the short term and she still looks good now; as she says she has learned about portion control which she did not have before doing My Diet Loss.

I have only been on the diet a short time but I am already starting to feel more confident in myself as I have lost 2 stone 2lbs. I couldn’t get into my work tunic 6 weeks ago and had to leave it open and wear a t-shirt underneath it. Now it zips up no trouble whatsoever ! AND, I feel comfortable in it now. I can also wear clothes I have in wardrobe that were too tight and now fit easily.

To date I am only a 1/3rd of the way on my journey. I lost 2 stone in 10 weeks and hoping to be another 2 stone lighter in another 8 – 9 weeks. I don’t feel this will be a problem as My Diet Loss is very easy to do and I am never hungry on it – and I don’t have to think about what meals to make as they are easily and quickly prepared. I love having a meal replacement bar at night before i go to bed……………it is just so easy and convenient.

The main bonus, apart from losing the weight that I have, is that the medication from my doctor that I had to take morning and evening for my stomach has greatly reduced. I only take my medication every other night now rather than the twice a day.
All my work colleagues are saying ‘what a difference already’. It’s the best thing I’ve done in years. Thanks My Diet Loss! I still have a way to go but you’ve made is so much easier.

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