Total Weight Lost: 1 Stone 4 Pounds

Gordon’s Success Story

It is really a great feeling to have people say to you, “You look great” or “Wow, you’ve really lost weight” or better yet, “Okay, you can stop losing weight now”.  When they ask me what I did, I tell them. I went to My Diet Loss. One important thing I realised from all of this is that it does not matter how much weight you want to lose or need to lose, you can lose it. I was not a huge person by some people’s standards, but when a small framed man is 20 pounds overweight the feelings, the lower self-esteem, the health risks, and the aches and pains are all still as real and damaging as someone struggling with even more weight.

My Diet Loss has a plan that will get you to your goal and the best thing is it can keep you at your goal because it teaches you how to live a new life! I have that new life and I FEEL GREAT!!

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