Total Weight Lost: 4 Stones

Derek’s Success Story

I’m a manual worker and gradually started to pile on the pounds snacking on unhealthy foods and eating large meals in the evening. It was so easy to miss breakfast; go in and pick up two rolls, crisps and chocolate for lunch and my wife would make me a large meal in the evening. My eating was out of control and the busier I was at work the more rubbish I ate.

I had become so uncomfortable at work and was struggling to keep on top of the workload I had. I was disturbing my wife at night with my snoring and we were both miserable.

I spend up to 50 hours a week doing manual work and another 20 doing paperwork, and it was just too easy to snack and grab unhealthy lunches. On a typical day, I’d have burgers, pies, sandwiches and crisps when I was driving to another job and then come home to a great big meal.

I started the My Diet Loss Dynamic Plan and couldn’t believe it when I lost 13lbs in the first week. That really motivated me to keep it up and I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after only a week. I have now lost 4 stone.

I do still have a bit to go but watch this space!

It’s just fantastic to feel so much more comfortable whilst working. I’m like a new man and the young ones are finding it hard to keep up.

The diet has been easy to follow and I don’t have to bother about thinking about what to eat next as I just grab my meal packs and go. And I hardly ever feel hungry either, so I don’t get tempted to snack.

One of the major things that have changed is the money I have saved – previously I spent between £20 and £30 per day on fast food and snacks. The money that my wife and I have saved is now going to towards a World Cruise……bring it on!!!

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