Total Weight Lost: 3 Stones

Billy’s Success Story

Before I began the Dynamic Plan with My Diet Loss, I had tried many diets on my own. As a male I thought I was invincible and it would be so easy to lose weight, only proving that I would fail and fall back into eating whatever I wanted time and time again.

I reached a point in my life that I just didn’t care any more. I’m only a young man and I already had such a negative attitude thinking that I would never be able to lose weight and that it wasn’t possible. I’m not going to lie, at first it was difficult, but as time went by, it became easier and now I know it’s the best way of living! I don’t think I could ever go back to eating all the things I used to.

As I did the Plan, I saw how easy the pounds and inches just disappeared, just by learning to eat in good portions. The meal packs are very tasty and so simple to make. It made me happy to know that I could eat what I enjoyed and would continue to lose weight. Who would’ve thought that losing weight could be the effect of just changing a few habits and cooking methods? My Diet Loss was always willing to help and encourage me and I appreciate all of their assistance. Without their supervision, I don’t think I could have gotten to look and feel as I do now.

Now, 3 stone lighter, I feel great! I have more energy, I feel more confident and the best part is that I saw the great results in such a short period of time! I don’t have to kill myself doing exercise or starve myself anymore just so that I can lose weight. I have such a better attitude towards myself and I just wish other people could feel the way I do – knowing that there is hope and that it is possible! Working hard to accomplish your goals is the key to your weight loss! Staying focused and making the correct choices are the key.

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