Total Weight Lost: 4 Stone 1 Pound

Sandra’s Success Story

I had always struggled with my weight, often yo yo dieting, attempting to lose weight but always going back to old habits. I was often tired and sluggish, eating so much of the wrong things and unable to use moderation with anything I ate. Before starting My Diet Loss i always went to the well-known ones that had classes in my area. Yes i lost weight put i always put it back on PLUS!!!!

I found My Diet Loss through a close friend of mine, i had always boohooed this sort of diet previously but it was a REVELATION as My Diet Loss so different from the others. However, against my initial reservations I went and spoke to the consultant and when it was all explained to me it was plain sailing from then on. The Plan was easy to follow and i could adjust it to suit myself and, i could change my plan at anytime (which i did due to social events) without compromising my weight loss. There was no weighing of food, calorie counting, points or ‘sins’; i just couldn’t believe how easy and effective it would be. I was on my way!!!!!

My first week on plan flew by and I felt so amazed by how great the meals tasted, out of the selection I can say I only really disliked one pack but overall the whole diet is so tasty! I love how you can add your own spices and, have as much tea and coffee as you like (I’m a bit of a coffee fiend) and the bonus was that because i grew up on quite flavoursome spiced foods – the diet actually tasted like anything I could have cooked up fresh!

I went from 14st 9lb to 10st 8lb in 21weeks and i feel the healthiest and fittest i have ever felt before in my life. Previously the weight i have lost would have taken many more months than on any of my previous diets and i certainly didn’t feel as good as i do now. It has changed the way i think about food now and its great to know there is a diet there that is Fast, Healthy and most importantly; it works with you to help keep the weight off.

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