Total Weight Lost: 3 Stone 13 Pounds

Tam’s Success Story

I felt miserable because of my appearance and the extra weight i was carrying, so decided I needed to lose weight. I wanted to lose it quickly and healthily and, without risking my health.

I had tried other, diets but it seemed like punishment to weigh food and follow food plans and then only lose a few pounds—not ideal when you are overweight! I heard about My Diet Loss from my brother who lost 12 stone on My Diet Loss so i decided to give it a go. I was sceptical but thought I had nothing to lose trying it for at least a month.

I started the Dynamic and four weeks later i had lost 1.5 stone. That large amount of weight I had lost was enough for me to stick to it. It wasn’t always easy, but i had worked hard to lose that weight and, the bonus was i felt i was back in control of my food.

I then went on to the Lifestyle Plan and was still losing on average a stone a month!!!!!

I started at 18st 13lbs and i am now exactly 15 stone 13 weeks later and, I am now wearing trousers with a 34-inch waist and 38-inch jackets.

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