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Our Diet Plans

Dynamic Plan

Incorporate 4 of our packs each day along with one snack.

Only £50.40 / week Includes 28 Meal Packs

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  • The prefect plan if you feel your eating is out of control.

  • 4 Meal Packs each day

  • 1 Snack per day

  • Choice of over 30 Calorie controlled meals and snacks

My Diet Loss does not rely on intensive weight loss programmes with heavy counselling or complicated menu’s to follow.

Lifestyle Plan

Change just two of your meals for two My Diet Loss Meal Packs each day.

Only £25.20 / week Includes 24 Meal Packs

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  • Encourages regular eating patterns

  • 2 Meal Packs each day

  • Select the amount of weeks ideal for you

  • This plan is suitable for people with Diabetes Type 2

Ideal if you have children as you incorporate healthy foods into your diet your whole family will learn to eat healthier.

5:2 Plan

Our Most Popular Plan. For one reason… it’s having amazing results!

Only £32.40 / week Includes 18 Meal Packs

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  • Encourages regular eating patterns

  • Lifestyle Plan for 5 days

  • Dynamic Plan for 2 days

  • Select the amount of weeks ideal for you

If you are looking to try a diet and other diets have failed for you, you should definitely give it a go.

My Diet Loss Plus Logo

We also offer a FREE weight loss support service called My Diet Loss Plus.

  • Weekly weigh In and waist measurements, bust and hips taken monthly.

  • Opportunity to talk to one of our staff and we will answer any questions you may have.

  • You will receive lots of hints and tips that will help you along your way and advice to make your weight loss journey pleasurable.

This plan is based solely around what you want to do.
No purchase of products are necessary.

If you want to talk about this or any of our plans and products just give us a call. We are here, understanding and ready to help.

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      *All plans are over 800kcal and use a combination of meal replacements packs and healthy foods. There’s no guarantee of specific results and results can vary. Contact Us for more information.